TESTO Infrared Cameras

TESTO 870 Thermal Imaging Cameras

Complete specs and pricing data sheets for Testo 870 models
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Testo 870 Infrared Cameras available in 2 versions:

870-1 Fixed focus thermal imager

870-2 Fixed focus thermal imager with built in 3.1 MP digital camera and hard travel case included

The new Testo 870 series allows for the easy and safe thermal inspections in many thermography applications. The 870 performance specifications exceed the RESET standards for home and building inspectors. The thermal images are displayed in real time on a large 3.5” LCD view screen. Critical center temperature and automatic hot & cold spot detection is a valuable standard feature of the Testo 870 imagers, which can be displayed directly on the LCD view screen. Detailed image analyses and reports can be performed easily and reliably on any windows PC using the IRSoft analysis software supplied with every imager. The new testo 870 series of imagers is soon to be the first choice of many professionals who are looking for a reliable and quality thermal imager solution. The SuperResolution upgrade option ($410) increases the saved image resolution for IR reports from (160 x 120) to (320 x 240).

Key Features

  • Resolution 160 x 120
  • Pixels 19,200
  • Sensitivity 0.10°C
  • Wide angle lens configuration 34º x 26º
  • Optimized focus fixed
  • SuperResolution Upgrade option 320 x 240
  • SuperResolution Pixels 76,800
  • Temp. Range -4 to 536 °F
  • LCD 3.5”
  • Multi format image files BMT, JPEG
  • Internal Memory 1.6 GB (2000 images)
  • Weight 550 g / 1.2 lbs.
  • Automatic hot/cold spot recognition