Fluke Infrared Cameras

FLUKE TiX-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

Complete specs and pricing data sheets for TiX1000, TiX660 and TX640 models
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Complete specs and pricing data sheets for TiX 560 and 520 models
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FLUKE TiX-Series Expert Series Infrared Cameras

Designed for advanced thermographers, engineers and R&D professionals who require premium image quality and an excellent level of detail in every infrared image.

Fluke TiX 560 & TiX 520:

Your view of infrared technology is about to change 180°. The answer is right before your eyes, even when your target isn’t.

The largest 5.7 inch touchscreen LCD for a 320x240 IR camera, easy target navigation w/ a 180⁰ rotating lens & LaserSharp® Auto Focus let you instantly capture an in-focus image.

Navigate, capture and process images faster

  • Easily navigate over, under and around objects with the 180° articulating lens and see the image before you capture it
  • Capture images with the only 5.7 inch responsive touchscreen LCD with on-camera analytics for in-field image analysis
  • Save time with post-capture image processing – edit emissivity, background temperature, transmissivity, palettes, color alarms, IR-Fusion and enable/disable markers all on cameras

In-Focus premium image quality with the touch of a button

  • Premium in-field viewing experience with the largest 5.7 inch responsive touchscreen LCD in its class – 150% more viewing area
  • Enhanced image quality and temperature measurement accuracy – turn your 320x240 images into 640x480 images, that’s 4x’s the resolution and pixels with SuperResolution (on camera)
  • LaserSharp Auto Focus, exclusive to Fluke, uses a built-in laser distance meter that calculates and displays the distance to your designated target² with pinpoint accuracy
  • Get premium image output in high temp applications by combining multiple sequential frames of data into one with Image Sharpening
  • Find subtle temperature differences easier – instantly improve thermal sensitivity from 45mK to 30mK with Filter mode
  • Optional field installable wide angle and telephoto lenses

Save time and increase productivity with Fluke Connect

  • See, save and share from the field and connect to the largest selection of wireless test and measurement tools with Fluke Connect
  • Combine measurements from multiple FC tools into one IS2 image
  • Share the exact same information simultaneously, only with ShareLive video call
    Make better decisions faster than before. Organize your measurements by asset in one location with EquipmentLog history
  • The largest 5.7 inch responsive LCD touchscreen for a 320x240 infrared camera
  • 180° articulating lens for those tough shots
  • Premium image quality with leading spatial resolution for a 320x240 infrared camera¹
  • Get up to 4 times the resolution and pixels than standard mode with SuperResolution (up to 307,200 pixels) post image capture in the camera
  • LaserSharp® Auto Focus – utilizing precision laser technology, focus on your target with pinpoint accuracy and get the correct image and temperature measurements you need
  • Built-in laser distance meter – calculates the distance to your designated target up to 100 feet (30 meters) and displays the distance on the image
  • Quick and easy in-field analysis with IR-Fusion® technology and advanced touchscreen functions:
    • Continuous auto blend – easy identification of location and problem with visible and IR image blending
    • Continuous level and span adjustment
    • Combine multiple frames of data into one premium image with Image Sharpening
    • Filter mode for improved thermal sensitivity
  • Post capture image editing includes:
    • Emissivity
    • Background temperature
    • Transmissivity
    • Palettes
    • Color alarms
    • IR-Fusion
    • Enable/disable markers
  • Connect to the largest network of wireless test and measurement tools with Fluke Connect
  • Remote viewing and control options
  • Temperature measurements up to 1200 °C / 2192 °F
  • Light and ergonomic design with neck and hand strap for all day use
  • Optional field installable wide angle, telephoto & macro lenses

Infrared lenses can make it possible to inspect targets that would be challenging to see with a standard IR lens due to their size and distance.

Add-on lenses are available for Fluke professional and expert series infrared cameras. Lenses for the TiX560, TiX520, Ti400, Ti300, and Ti200 thermal cameras are smart lenses – which means they don’t require calibration to a specific camera, and they can be interchanged between compatible cameras – so you avoid the hassle of sending in your camera to calibrate to the lens, and you can share one lens between multiple cameras. All Fluke infrared lens optics are made with 100% diamond-turned germanium covered with an engineered coating, the most efficient available material to transmit energy to the detector.

Telephoto lenses

See more detail when you view your target magnified 2 or 4 times more than a standard lens.
For maintenance, electrical, and process inspections, a 2x telephoto lens can help you reduce the need to enter the danger zone or climb a tall ladder to capture the critical infrared details that could indicate your equipment has an issue.

For petrochemical, electrical utilities, and metals refinement, a 4x telephoto lens can help you identify potential issues as small and distant as a failed splice on a high electrical line or an overheated refractory on a tall flare stack.

Standard lens

2X lens

4X lens

Wide angle lenses

When working in a tight space, see a larger target from a close distance.
For electrical inspections, see an entire bank of switchgear cabinets in tight quarters or see a wider view when looking through IR Windows.

For building diagnostics, save time with roofing and industrial building inspections by viewing a much larger area at a time.

Standard lens – left side of building

Standard lens – right side of building

Wide lens – see both sides of the building at once from the same distance

Macro lenses

Get an incredibly detailed image of very small objects so you can gain insight into thermal buildup and dissipation on printed circuit boards, identify a faulty or undersized component, or potentially even pinpoint precise faulty locations on those components. See details as small as 25 microns, which is smaller than the average human hair.

Fluke TiX 1000, TiX 660 & TiX 640:




Easily see details from long distances away.

  • The first HD infrared camera with Fluke Connect™ technology – 10 times the on-camera pixels than standard 320x240 cameras (1024 x 768 resolution, 786,432 pixels)
  • Enhance image quality and temperature measurement accuracy – get 4 times greater resolution and pixels than standard mode with Super Resolution (up to 3,145,728 pixels)
  • Work from safer distances. Inspect areas that you could not get close to any other way and still get spectacular, detailed infrared images.
  • Get a premium in-field viewing experience for quick issue identification with the large 5.6 inch high resolution LCD screen

R&D testing of material absorbency and moisture permeation.

  • Save time focusing with the most advanced focus options available for consistently in focus images: LaserSharp® Auto Focus, auto focus, manual and Ever Sharp multifocal recording features – available on one camera.

8 optional lens for maximum versatility.

  • The Fluke Expert Series offers the best flexibility of the entire Fluke infrared camera portfolio to capture spectacular images close up or from a distance. The TiX1000 is compatible with 8 lens options (2x and 4x telephoto lenses, 2 wide angle lenses, 3 macro lenses, and 1 standard lens).

What is Ever-Sharp?

Ever-Sharp mode utilizes the focus motor to capture multiple images from varying focal distances with the push of a button. Using special algorithms, SmartView software will combine images taken from multiple focal distances and will create an image that sharpens the detail of not just the initial focal point, but also enhances the focus of the elements around the focal point. These infrared images turn out very impressive as all objects are then displayed in superb image quality. Turn great images into spectacular images. Select the best optional lens for your applications.

What is Fluke Connect?

  • Connect to the largest network of wireless test and measurement tools with Fluke Connect.
  • Conduct inspections from a safe distance and still get close-in shots with the 32 times on-camera digital zoom.
  • Choose the most convenient image transfer protocol for your application: Camera data ports: Image transfer: SD card, USB 2.0, video output DVI-D (HDMI). GigE vision and RS232 available in 2015. SmartView® software: SD card. USB 2.0, GigE Vision and RS232 available in 2015.
  • Get the sharpest ever IR-Fusion® images with an 8 MP visible light camera.
  • Versatile viewing options for in-field viewing of images with viewfinder for outdoor use.
  • User defined programmable buttons to personalize for quick access to most used features.
  • The only handheld cameras that can be sub-windowed to 240 Hz frame rate for advanced applications (add on option).

What is Sub-windowing?

Sudden and rapid temperature changes can be a critical part of certain analysis. The Expert Series cameras (TIX1000, TiX660 and TX640) provide an optional Sub-windowing mode (available at time of camera purchase). This feature is usually found only in cooled infrared cameras. Using these infrared sequences allows the user to document and analyze many frames of data per second to better understand sudden temperature changes.

The following frame rates are available as an optional add-on to the camera:

  • Option 1: 640 × 480 (60 fps)
  • Option 2: 384 × 288 (120 fps)
  • Option 3: 1024 × 96 (240 fps)